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When you are an entrepreneur and business owner, your business is your life and your life is your business. At Innabi Law Firm, we understand what that’s like because we’re a small business too.

We have gone through the struggles of starting a business firsthand, and we’ve also experienced all of the joys that entrepreneurship brings. This lifestyle is a journey, and our goal is to help you get started right and keep you protected legally so you can achieve your dreams with minimal risk.


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At Innabi Law Firm, we empower our clients to do big things as small business owners and entrepreneurs. We serve as an integral member of your team to connect you with the knowledge, resources, and legal know-how you need as a business owner to thrive. Our primary focus is on education and training because we know that the more you know about building and running a thriving business, the better your company will do in the long term. When we put on industry-specific trainings for our clients, we bring the best-of-the best, leaders in their fields, to share their knowledge and experience with you. Knowledge is power and it is our goal to make our clients an unstoppable force.

The Legal Support Your Business Needs to Succeed

Whether you are just starting your business or your business is already established, we provide the legal support you need to go to the next level. Our team can help you with:

    • Business Formation – Should you form as an LLC or Corporation? What about Partnerships or B-Corps? Do you need a Partnership Agreement or Operating Agreement? What about confidentiality agreements and non-compete agreements? Have you trademarked your name or patented your newest invention? These are the questions we walk our business owners through so they can build a sustainable business with a solid legal foundation.


    • Business Development and Planning – Do you have adequate insurance to protect you and your business? Are you struggling every month to make a healthy profit? Do you know your numbers? Are you contemplating multiple opportunities and need help identifying the right opportunity? These are the questions we answer every day for our clients.


    • Estate and Succession Planning– Does your estate plan account for your business? Are you minimizing tax liability by properly allocating your business, investments, and properties into the right entity? Who will manage your business if you are unable to, temporarily or permanently? Will they have access to business records or funds? The answers to these questions are vital to the long-term success of any business, no matter what industry.


We invite you to learn more about us by scheduling a no-charge 20 minute introductory phone call. In that call, we will learn about your business and pressing legal concerns. You will also learn about our firm and how we help our clients every day. So click here to schedule that call. Having a strong legal team on your side is within your reach.

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